20 January – Saint Sebastian Festival 
Procession and traditional dancing in the streets to celebrate Saint Sebastian.

Easter Week in Pollença – Easter
On Maunday Thursday there is a procession which starts at the Plaça Major and depicts a re-enactment of the Last Supper, known locally as the Procession of Blood. It normally begins around 9.00pm and moves through the centre of the Town finishing at Mare de Déu dels Àngels church.

Good Friday ( April 14th) sees the Procession of the Crucifix which is a descent from Calvari, down the 365 steps, then around the streets finishing again at the church of Mare de Déu dels Àngels. This event is extremely popular and begins in the late evening.

Late on Easter Sunday morning a further procession takes place, following Mass, at Mare de Déu dels Àngels.

Wine Trade Fair – May 6th & 7th
During the month of May, one of Mallorca’s best and largest wine fairs takes place annually in Pollença. The event, which has been running since 2004, is supported by the Town’s Council. It usually takes place over a week-end in the Saint Domingo’s Cloister and is a wonderful opportunity to discover and sample some of the best local wines. It is popular with locals, tourists, wines buffs and wine experts alike and is usually very busy.

Museums Day – 18th May

The Feast of Corpus Christi – 60 days after Easter Sunday (June) 
This day is celebrated as a holiday in Pollença where it has become famous for two ancient traditions which take place in the Town during the Feast of Corpus Christi. The first concerns Sant Joan Pelos (John the Baptist) where a dancer portrays Sant Joan wearing a red mask and carrying a cross and a lamb. The second is the Dance of the Eagles which is performed by two young local girls who dress in white costumes adorned with gold jewellery. The procession normally starts at dusk following Mass.

Festival de Pollença – July/August
Pollença Music Festival began in 1961 and is an annual event, with concerts generally taking place during the evening, in the cloister of the convent of Santo Domingo.

The Festival has become world famous and attracts visitors from far and wide who are fortunate to experience an eclectic mix of classical and contemporary music performed by internationally renowned artists and orchestras. As well as music the Festival also features literature and film genres.

Pollença’s Patron Saint’s Day – 2nd August
Mare de Déu dels Àngels Day is a major festival in the region and attracts many visitors to Pollença.

Celebrations begin with a speech read from the cloister of Sant Domingo and from 5am early risers can experience a traditional Alborada (morning love song) which is played through the streets. The day is filled with music and dancing and culminates in a series of mock battles between the Moors and the Christians portraying the events of 1550. The battle starts at the Peacock Fountain and moves through the Town to the sounds of shouts and cannons, finishing at the football stadium on the outskirts of Pollença, where following more skirmishes the Christian victors gather back at the church of Mare de Déu dels Àngels to give thanks for their victory.

November 11th & 12th – Handicraft Fair

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